Best setup for VR to see movement of other players

I'm trying to figure out the appropriate setup for a VR experience. There are 2 or more people connecting in a room and I want them to be able to see each other move within the same space. The player's views will be headset driven, so the camera is controlling their position and orientation. Temporarily for testing I'm just using the stock RigidbodyFPSController for machines that aren't VR ready. I was using the DemoRPGMovement scene as a model, except that in that demo the camera follows the spawned prefab (containing the PhotonView and PhotonTransformView), whereas I need that spawned prefab to follow the camera rig. I tried parenting the prefab inside the camera rig, but the other clients see no movement. How would you go about setting this up?


  • Hi @detour21,

    do you use the Oculus Avatar SDK in your project? If so, I recommend you taking a look at this documentation page where the setup and synchronization is described. If you are not using it, you might at least want to take a look at it and see if it helps you with the visual representation.

    If you are not using this SDK, please give us some more details of the current setup. For now you have a prefab as a child of the CameraRig. Is the CameraRig instantiated by using PhotonNetwork.Instantiate function? Which of the objects is synchronized by the PhotonTransformView component? If it is the child object, I'm sure that this doesn't work because you are moving the parent object.
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