UserId not set

Hi. I've got this error when try to run Photon Unity examples on Photon server:

Operation failed: OperationResponse 226: ReturnCode: -2 (Join failed: UserId is not set, checkUserIdOnJoin=true expects a UserId.)

When I use Photon cloud everything is fine. I'm new to the network stuff. Want to learn this by the examples. Please help!


  • Hi @sl1v1k,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Yes, this is a known issue since Photon Server's version is way behind the one on the cloud.
    To fix this, send a UserId from the client by setting it before connecting or implement custom authentication with a service that returns a UserId.
  • I am having the same issue and cannot find where or how to "SET" the userID. What is the syntax to do this and where should it be done? In any Photon.Monobehaviour?
  • Hi @edgrimaldi,

    I answered here.
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