Questions Regarding PublishEvent and Package loss

We're having some issues with players with 300+ roundtrip-time sometimes getting insane delays (2+ seconds). I'm thinking it's package loss, and am considering stuff I could do to fix it. It's an rts, so a very small elapsed turn + potential inputs packet needs to be send from the server once every tick, which is currently 10 times a second. So my questions are:

1: Does PublishEvent resend unacknowledged packages constantly, or only after some time without answer? And if it's not continuously, is there a way to enable that, or should I build a system on top of it?
2: Our packet size is ridiculously small, so is there any merit to running two slightly offset streams on different channels, and just hoping one of them gets through without package loss?

Sorry if the questions are a bit basic, I'm still somewhat new to the tips and tricks of online gaming and photon.


  • hi, Taclis

    what photon server version you have? What client sdk are you using? Are you using Reliable or Unreliable delivery? what cloud provider are you using?

    is this issue similar on: ?

  • Hi Ilya, thanks for the reply.

    We're using Photon-OnPremise-Server-SDK_v4-0-29-11263 for the server.
    We're using the unity client SDK.
    I'm assuming that it's reliable - we're using default - since the game would have broken if a single message went unreceived.
    We're hosting the server ourselves.

    I hope this helps
  • hi, @Taclis

    then in your case with help of some "luck" you may get such big delays. for instance if server needs resend data few times. the thing is that RTT is taken into account when we wait for acknowledge from client. so if data were lost once between server and client, you will get packet in ~450 ms. this is best case, but i assume that even slightly later.

    and you actually can not do any thing here. but because you have RTS and updates just 10 times per second using reliable delivery over UDP, you may try to use TCP protocol. it may work faster because resends done by underlaying hardware

  • i've discussed more about TCP. it may make things either better or worse. in some cases WiFi/3G you may get things working worse. please test first

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