Photon-MacOSX-SDK_v4-1-8-0 not working with UE4.18 Mac Deployment

Hi Again,

I have integrated the UE4.18 demo with the Photon-iOS-Sdk_v4-1-8-0 libs and am getting the correct responses from the on premise LoadBalancing server when calling the PhotonPeer::connect so as to establish the initial connections. The authentication kicks in when we get the virtual callback onStatusChanged where opAuthenticate takes over and performs the custom authentication, however, this works with UE4.18 on IOS Phone with the Photon-iOS-Sdk_v4-1-8-0 libs added to the PhotonDemoParticle but strange things happen when I test the same demo with the Photon-MacOSX-Sdk_v4-1-8-0 libs where when the PhotonPeer does the initial connect, I then see out of the blue (???) it tries to do a HandleAuthentication call in the actual LoadBalancing server which causes me great pain as the behaviour is different to that of working with IOS SDK???

I have tried to explain as best as I could so please feel free to ask me where you are not clear. I would think that the libPhoton librries should act the same regardless of the platform i.e. MAC vs IOS.



  • Hi @petergpls.

    You are correct in your assumption. The behaviors should be exactly the same between those two SDKs and actually the code that controls this logic is completely identical for both SDKs.

    From what you described here it does not sound like if you had done any customizations to your Photon Server at this point. So it should behave the same when connecting to Photon Cloud. Is this the case?

    Did you modify anything in the demo code?

    Could you give us detailed instructions please, on how to reproduce this? Also in case that it is only reproducible with custom modifications to the demo, please provide us the modified demo project.
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