weird ERROR => "1002+Master peer connect failed: ws://" HELP

I'm on Construct2
and this error is only happening when I'm trying to export my game with node.js .
Because yes , as an html file or as an app (apk/android) it work ,
but not when I'm exporting with node.js ,
I've tried to change to wss, to change of server ,
I've tried to search everywhere but I think I'm the only one with this weird error ...

could someone help me?

it's the error 1002
Master peer connect failed: ws://


  • Hi @Tek,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I have moved this discussion to "Photon Realtime SDKs -> JavaScript" category.
    We are looking into the error.
  • hi, Tek

    i've just checked and see that our connection is configured correctly. it works. something wrong is with your local version.

    could you write us to Please provide your appId. sdk version you are using.

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