LoadBalancing: Authentication token is missing

Hey Photon-Com!
What I want to do is refactoring my PUN Cloud Project for a LoadBalancing Edited Server use.
When I start a new downloaded Version of the LoadBalancing files with Photon Control everything works.
But when I rebuild the LoadBalancing Project and copy the files from the src-server\Loadbalancing\LoadBalancing\bin to the deploy/LoadBalancing/GameServer I get an error when I want to create a lobby. (I miss files?)

Operation failed: OperationResponse 230: ReturnCode: 32767 (Authentication token is missing). Parameters: {} Server: GameServer
The appId this client sent is unknown on the server (Cloud). Check settings. If using the Cloud, check account.

I use custom Auth when I connect to the MasterServer and this still works tho.
What I currently trying is to send a Operation to the Sever and get a Response, but I cant even get the non-edited LoadBalancing Server compiled and working.

Would be awesome if someone can give me a hint,
have a nice day :)


  • we will get back to you at monday
    could you prepare small sample, which can be used to test

  • hi, Serekon

    could you provide logs from your start?

    you may find them in deploy/log folder

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