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  • hello, @chvetsov Thank you again for such a full answer! I'll check client client-side section as well >also, could it be that you are sending a lot to clients at some moments? I guess it shouldn't, amount of data is not too much. We are using …
  • Also I want to say that RAM falls from 7 gb to 3.5 gb just for one week. Can it be the same symptoms of one problem or it something different?
  • Hi, @chvetsov Thanks for an answer. As I understood, the clients are disconnecting not because of rooms are disposed. Rooms are disposing because of clients are disconnecting by timeout? If it so, can you advice some methods to catch this problem? …
  • Okay, thanks a lof for an answer @chvetsov It will be really helpful for me!
  • Hello, @chvetsov Thanks for an answer! I'll check everything you mentioned. I'll create a new topic with more info about this issue as you said
  • hello, @chvetsov Today I had the same issue with lobby I've used console turn based client and made some debug logs on joining to lobby to check what goes wrong in this situation So I don't get response on OpJoinLobby command on the client side On …
  • Hello. Thanks for help again @chvetsov It's turned out that there was unoptimised query to database server before getting information about all the lobbies. How can I close discussion?
  • Yes, you're right. We are using AutoJoinLobby flag because there is only one lobby on our server. Average online ~500 clients, max players in room always equal to 2, so the average count of rooms is 250+- Also I want to say that we are using SqlLobb…
  • Thanks for an answer, @chvetsov All of our clients are using binary protocol