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  • It seems to be working! Thank you so much for the help
  • Hi again, We have imported the updated scripts and tried it out. The same error still shows up and the situation is still the same with the host being able to hear others, but other players do not hear anything.
  • Hello again, Yes we have followed the regular flow. Hopefully we have understood it correctly, but we have a player prefab with the PhotonVoiceView. We also have Photon Voice 2.2. We have tried it now with two players starting at the same time fr…
  • Is there any fix on this? I still have the same issue today even with Unity 2018.2.2016f1.
  • @matrix211v2 Sorry for answering so late, but if you still haven't found it then It's one of the settings options in the Recorder component.
  • @matrix211v1 We tested with a PC that had a build and the other was on a different PC, but the application ran on the editor. We stopped receiving the exception, but not quite sure as to why. This might have something to do with how the components a…
  • @JohnTube We got it working , we switched over to Photon MicrophoneType. We also have the Voice gameobject on the lobby instead. The only issue now would be preventing that a new Voice gameobject is made when re-entering the lobby and it seems that …
  • Yes, we have now imported the package from the previous comment. We can also try your other suggestions. On another note, what is the standard way of setting this up? At the moment we have a lobby where you can type a name and a button to join a ro…
  • I have now been able to allow some form of voice chat. However, it is quite limited to only one player being able to hear anything. I ran one on the editor and a build on a separate machine. The separate machine created a room and could hear the oth…
  • It seems we had a rather silly error. When loading the new scene, the recorder would have "Transmit Enabled" as false. We thought having "Transmit Enabled" checked would have it be enabled all the time, but loading the scene seems to bring it back t…