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  • We are facing a similar problem, we are currently using PUN with Photon Cloud. I don't think that Bolt will work as it requires one client to be the server and if all of your clients are mobile phones things may not go well. Pun vs Realtime shouldn'…
  • Watch out for PhotonHandler's. They tend to get created in the editor and when you run, you might find that there is one in your scene and one that is created when PhotonNetwork is first accessed, so you often end up with one replacing another and …
    in PUN 2 Comment by DavidSWu February 13
  • You could try: GameObject impactGO = Photon.Instantiate(impactEffectwater, hitPoint, transform.rotation); But using a synchronized object for a splash sounds expensive. If you are already synchronizing the shot, just simulate it on all clients and t…
  • There are no references to BackgroundTimeout any more. I assume that it has been renamed keepinalivebackground and PhotonHandler has not been updated accordingly.
  • I should mention that we do not use photon chat for chat, we use it to send state information about players every 2 seconds, to enumerate all players in game and to communicate state information about instances. Also, we have tried TCP and UDP conne…
  • We only send public messages on channels, no private messages. It seems like individual channels do not send and or receive messages for about 1 out of 50 subscriptions and it seems to affect PC as well. I.e. clients send heartbeats on certain ch…
  • We are using the Unity Photon Chat, we upgraded to the most recent version and we are still losing subscriptions. We reconnect on disconnect. I know for sure that we are connected and subscribed, we just don't receive messages on certain channels a…