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  • Nevermind, for anyone wondering I just made a silly mistake by accidentally deleting some files from Plugins/IOS that I did not realize were for Photon Voice. Re importing wasn't an option so I was looking for an alternative solution. Anyone having …
  • @JohnTube I am having the same issue out of nowhere, where do I add the library/what needs to be changed inside Unity or XCode?
  • Thanks very much for all the info @JohnTube Appreciate it a lot!
  • @carcer @chaozz Great information, Chaozz, seems like a great way to go, I just wonder how fast it would be downloading the persistent objects from the web sever on mobile, especially if we are saving lots of information. I will pass this on to…
  • Hey @chaozz, really interested in this. Do you mind sharing in a bit more depth how you achieved this? We are pretty confused on where to get started! I saw your project Survius, looks great. I noticed you said that it has a modular building syste…
  • Thanks @JohnTube I will do some more research and let you know if I have anymore questions!
  • Thanks for all the info @JohnTube I really appreciate the help! Its good to know that it is some what possible... we save player stats/inventory locally, and once they join the game we sync them, so that would not need to be saved. The only things…
  • @JohnTube Are we taking the wrong approach? We planned to reset the "persistent" rooms every week or two. Is this not possible with PUN? If not, what would be the best option to achieve this/which would be the fastest way to convert our code to a pr…
  • For example, we are doing a survival type game, and we want to make some of the rooms persistent so players are able to build houses, store their loot, etc. However at some point we will need to reset the room, because they may become to laggy/clut…
  • Hey @JohnTube Thanks for the info, looks like what I am looking for, is there a way to reset or clear the saved room?
  • Hey admins, any update on the question I asked about playing through the correct speaker?
  • Hey @acroca , Possibly, could the problem be that you need to have another audio source? We were having a problem where player sounds would not play over multi player(they would but they would glitch for a second, and then you would only hear the so…
  • @vadim Just bumping this..
  • @vadim Thanks! We gave it a shot, added that into the Voice Recorder script, except after importing the fix of git hub we get this error in XCode: ([(NSString*)route rangeOfString:@Head].location != NSNotFound)) Is there an alternate way to make i…
  • Hey @JohnTube We are having another problem, when using Photon Voice, it seems that on iOS it makes it so that the sound for the game, plays out of the speaker used for phone calls instead of the proper speakers. There is a fix listed here https:/…
  • We fixed it by having 2 audio sources, one for the player sounds, one for the voice!
  • Just did some more testing, it seems that our other audio plays correctly, if we are holding down the talk button. So it seems Photon Voice is disabling is stopping our audio source from playing other sounds endless the button is pressed down.
  • Hey @JohnTube Any idea?
  • I believe I am just missing something simple.....Is there no getting started tutorials? or any on implementing Photon voice into an existing Photon project? Or generic scripts for use? Surely not everyone that will use Photon voice has programming …
  • Hey @JohnTube I will try the fix you mentioned but I can't seem to even get a single scene working. So I made a test scene, I used the utility scripts "Connect and Join Random" and "On joined instantiate" the photon voice instantiate script, like …
  • OK, here is the editor log, starting from when I play from the main menu, let me know how it looks http://textuploader.com/58xoy
  • Hey JohnTube, I am going to get the editor log now.
  • Hey @JohnTube Yes, demo scene works great. I can use the UI from the demo scene, in my scene, and I can see that the microphone is being detected just fine. The only problem, is it won't transmit audio, did you see the scripts I posted earlier? Same…
  • *EDIT* I added the UI from the demo scene, I am not able to transmit audio, where it normally says calibrate, it just stays on "unavailable", and I am unable to check transmit or use VOIP at all. Where as in the demo scene, it works fine, I cant pin…
  • Thanks for the reply!
  • HI @JohnTube Did you see my last post? Were really pushing for this release date. I would really appreciate it! Thanks
  • Thanks, when will this demo be out? We plan to release our game using photon and photon voice within the next 2 weeks, so if it is not before then could you possibly post the scripts required to do push to talk? Thanks!
  • I am a little bit unclear about this. Can I have an array of floats and send those using RPC? so... photonView.RPC("someRPC",targets,(float[])myarray); ... [PunRPC] void someRPC(float[] myarray) { ... } is this correct?
  • Thanks, good idea, I will try that