Matchmaking while already in the room

Hi, thanks for Photon.

I have a question about matchmaking when the players are already in the room.

I want do matchmaking using rooms - the players join the room, the master decides according to his rules when to complete the search, the search ends and the match begins.

Is it possible do this while already in another room? For example, looking for a match while already on location with the players? Or it is impossible to be in several rooms at the same time?


  • Tobias
    Tobias admin
    edited October 2022

    For PUN, it is not possible to be in several rooms. You could run a second connection by using the Realtime API (LoadBalancingClient) if you like. It does come with the downside of using more CCU but that is just temporary, so .. maybe not a big deal.

    If the Master decides when the search is over, the others could follow that player (using FindFriends) or you could use Photon Chat, which is room-independent. Players who need to follow someone else can get binary messages you define and could also continue to chat while loading scene or changing rooms.

    Maybe Play with Friends covers what you are after?

  • Thanks a lot, Tobias.

    I try Realtime API for second connection, CCU it`s not a problem.