BR200 Sample OperationException: Game does not exist (ErrorCode: 32758)

I use the BR200 example. And the documentation on how to set up Matchmaking. Having done everything according to the documentation I end up with an error - game not found. Although Unity Gaming Services keeps statistics that matcmaking happens and tickets are counted. What may be the problem because I did everything clearly according to the docs


  • Hi Andreas, I see you are connected to USA, East - this might be the problem here. IIRC the guide specifies eu server in launch parameters. Please check that server fleet is in US and the '-region us' is used in launch parameters.

  • I managed to solve the problem. It turns out that Linux builds don't build correctly if done on Windows. There was an LLVM ERROR: out of memory error and when I switched the C++ compiler to Debug mode it would build, but most likely with errors. We made a build on MacOS with Intel processor and everything worked

  • It all worked after solving two problems. 

    1. Region should be set to -region us in the build config parameters if the fleet is set to North America

    2. On my Windows PC I didn't build for Linux IL2CPP in C++ compiler "production" mode, I only built in 'debug' mode. That was the bug that the build crashed on the server. Solved with building on Mac.