Photon Managers!

How many times do we need to write on your email, to purchase the circle membership?

It's terrible, we can't proceed with our project any onward just because of a problem with the service of the photon team.

We wrote a few times in your email, and have attached our game, but didn't get any reply yet.

Feels like nobody is at home and we are waiting by the door for days, thinking that somebody should open to us soon.

If managers will read this post - please check emails from us ([email protected])


  • Hey there, you wrote us yesterday and 2x today ;) All tickets are answered meanwhile. Joining our Gaming Circle can be done anytime on our site:

  • I still can't make a payment for a subscription via the website. I used your link and this one is still asking me for contact you

  • This is because you are not eligible for an Individual plan. These are for one man shows, NOT for companies with +30 employees (at least this is stated on your company website 😉

    Please sign up for Gaming Circle Starter or Pro plan.

    Thank you!