Custom Operation on Photon Server not working


I want to add some server logic with the SendOperation() method on the Client. When I use operationCode that already in the OperationCode emum, it works fine, but when I use a custom operationCode, such as 50 or 120, the server refuse the operation and disconnect the client with this error message

How can I get around this, I try to find the code that block the operationCode but I can't.

Is this the way to do it, or there is an other way to do this?

What I want is create a call from client with data, the server handle it and send a response to the client, for example, the client want to purchase something, it send operation and then the server do the logic with the database.



  • hi, @ntquang1999

    GameApplication and MasterApplication classes have methods GetInboundController. Inside that method we setup InbondController that checks what operations are allowed and what not. What limits operations have

    if you need new operation you have to extend supported range of operations that is passed to InboundController constructor and setup limits for that operations



  • Thank you, I find out myself that the server only accept opCode from 209 up to 255, it's fine, I just need one valid opCode to call in to my logic class.

    The photon server is quite hard to understand, the tutorials and documents are often outdated, I wish someone make a video or a full guild how to host a self-hosted server, config, where to put plugins, where to add server side logic code,...I found nothing about photon server on Youtube

  • I'm planning on renting Photon Server SDK for my project, if find out a way to ultillize your server SDK on a large scale server for my game, now I'm just learning it on my small server. Is there any detailed tutorial on implementing server logic? Can your SDK handle up to 50k ccu? Can a room handle up to 50 player at the same time? My game is not a MMO, it's city simulation, where player join in to chat, talk, interact like VR Chat, doesn't require perfectly precise data transfer and ping.

    If your dev team make a tutorial video about Photon server, I think many people will start using your SDK more!

  • Tobias
    Tobias admin
    edited March 2022

    Detailed tutorial for server logic: No.

    50k CCU: Yes.

    50 players in a room: Yes.

    Creating a scalable game server logic is likely more complex and dependent on the exact project than a video would be able to convey. We are developers, not really "teachers". Hopefully the docs help.

  • Thank you for the answer, I'll spend time digging in the project ^^