JoinRoom(roomName); creating new room

I am using playfab + photon authentication and i have gone through my code more than 5 times and reimported photon pun and literally done everything i could please help me i am using latest photon version please note: i get new room created only when the room does not exists if the room is there then onjoinroom is triggered and if any other error occur then it is passed to onjoinroomfailed but on join room failed is not covering error for room does not exists instead of throwing error for room does not exists in message it is triggering onRoomJoined please help i am badly stuck in this problem


  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @TesterTesting,

    You can disable this behaviour by setting AsyncJoin to false in WebHooks settings.
    Or returning ResultCode different than zero in WebHook response when the room does not exist.

  • To be clear: AsyncJoin is false by default. Also, WebHooks are not set, by default.
    If you run into inexplicable behavior and nobody has an idea, please begin to mention those details. Anything that's not default can be of interest.
  • TesterTesting
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    @Tobias i actually figured the problem there was something wrong with playfab + photon auth for now i have stopped the playfab + photon auth please i request u to recreate the same situation by putting playfab + photon auth and try joinroom(); cause i think its a bug or something like that, also where is async join i mean idk where it is please mention its details