Sync problem with Collision

Good morning ! I'm new to photon so my mistake may be silly, please be indulgent :)
I create a 1v1 2d game with a ball and two cars (A mix between Headball and Rocket League)
The problem is that one of the two players has the ball completely fluid while the other player sees the ball lagging in the air the instant the ball hits anything, but as soon as the player with the fluid ball leaves. the part, the one who suddenly lagged becomes fluid.
Sorry for my bad english I did my best ^^

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  • Tobias
    Tobias admin
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    No worries about your english or being new to making networked games. We all started somewhere.

    I recently replied to a very similar post. The behavior you notice is to be expected and very hard to fix / avoid.
    Honestly, I would recommend not doing a physics based game, unless you already worked on multiplayer titles.