Photon cloud : hanged rooms

Qmaks ✭✭
Hello, I have a serious problem. I've been using Photon Cloud and some of the rooms are hanged. They do not have the players, but they appear in the list of rooms. They may not be connected in any way and can not be removed.

Can you tell what might be the cause of it? Is this a problem of Photon Cloud?

My login in the cloud [email protected].

When players leave I'm calling PhotonNetwork.Leave(). But the game is in the web player and many people simply close their window and this function is not called.


  • Please help me. I have aboute 2000 unique users per day. Avarage online is 250. And after each day i have about 10 hanged rooms. I register new free account for photon cloude to avoid this rooms. How to solve this problem???
  • This problem should be fixed by now. We updated the servers before Christmas.
    Please contact us by mail if this problem persists. Send us the name of some rooms that don't clean up and don't forget to let us know the email of the Cloud Account(s) you use.
  • I send letter to [email protected]
    Ticket #1062: Photon cloud : hanged rooms

    In my profile 6 hanged rooms with 0 players, but they are in room list.
  • Ok. Everything else via mail.