How do I setup a DUO Parties / Gamemode help before I scream <3

Hey all,

I'm sorry if this seems like a beaten horse and either I don't fully understand the best course of action or my google-fu is weak of late but I can't seem to find out how to implement this.

So far I've got 2 seperate room making ways going on,(Before joining a room I assume at this point I am in the master default lobby where rooms are creatable)

First way.I hit match make which basically as I understand it creates a random room (assuming that there isn't already a room to join) and starts a game/"lobby" area where people can see each other but can't attack etc and with a timer where within this timer, the room is visible and joinable by other players up until the rooms max players are reached or the timer runs out and starts the actual game.

This is great for 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1 for example in a 100 player battle royale style solo game.

Second way.

I create a room but don't start the game/"lobby" area from here people can join the room and once everyone is ready you can hit start which will load the game/"lobby" area.

Which is great for getting 2 or more people together in the game/"lobby" area who will then load into the full game together etc. But if do this say 3 times with 6 people total each 2 players will end up in 3 different unconnected lobbies from their individual party rooms.

So how on earth do I, in as simple as I can make/understand it (forget the rooms terminology from this point on as I'm real confused):

Friend A creates a room, Friend B joins Friend A's room (a duo team) awaiting ready up from both players

Friend C creates a room, Friend D joins Friend C's room (a second duo) awaiting ready up from both players

Friends A + B ready up and starts the game/"lobby" area with max of 50 possible players (24 more possible duo teams left to join)

Friends C + D ready up and starts the game (if available game i.e Friend A's game that is currently in a countdowning lobby scene then join their game) else create new room

Repeat step 4. until Friend A's room is full and then start the actual game.

As it seems you cannot join 2 rooms together so I would I asssume need some sort of preroom area to party up as a duo before then joining the active room together? I can't seem to find any concrete information on exactly what I need to do to achieve this,

It's somewhat mentioned here in the last post: a few years ago mentioning a "staging area" with a link that I can't see anything that relates to what I want above ^ but with my limited understanding of the subject its not surprising if I just don't have the terminology right for what I need to do.

I just don't know what to do from here on, can someone help/point me in the right direction?

(My next step was to likely implement playfab and get a friends list type thing going for invites but unless I can figure out the above its sort of pointless)

Thanks in advance!


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