How to change from photon free version to premium version


I just bought Photon PUN 2+ on the Unity Asset Store. I was using the free version before on my project but now I want to use the premium version (for the 100 CCU). How can I convert my project from the free to the premium version? (When I bought PUN 2+ nothing happened, not even in my dashboard)



  • Okay so I found where it was!
    For anyone with this problem you receive an Invoice Number from Unity.
    Then you go in your dashboard -> +/- CCU -> Got a Voucher? Add plan using your coupon code. And then you just have to paste your Invoice Number!
  • Thanks for posting this and sorry you had to search for the info.
    This is described in the readme.txt, usually. As the process changed (the naming of buttons, etc), some slightly older descriptions may be outdated.
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