PUN2: If I join/create a room then leave, I cannot create my own room until other room disbanded

So this is the sequence of events:

- I either join or create a room (doesn't matter which)
- There is more than 1 player in the room
- I then leave the room, leaving at least 1 player left in the room
- Logging now shows isconnected is true, inlobby is false, inroom is false
- I try to create a room and createroom returns true however the callback OnCreatedRoom is not called so seems I never actually get to join the new room I created?
- All players leave the original room
- I try again to create a room (after the original room has been disbanded) and now it's successful

I have have had more than 1 room active with my game so I know it's not that Photon is limiting me to 1 room.

Any idea why all the players have to leave the original room I was in before I can create a new one?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks


  • Hi @hellohallo,

    Did you implement OnCreateRoomFailed callback? or enabled SupportLogger to see it?
    You are probably trying to create another room with the same name which is not supported and OnCreateRoomFailed will tell you GameAlreadyExists error.
    Did you know that you can pass null to CreateRoom method and the server will assign a GUID as random room name?
  • I'm an idiot and you are indeed correct. I was trying to create a room with the same name. Thanks
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