Photon Load balancing and Architecture

We are making a MMORPG game with real time PvP battles with upto 200 players. Before jumping in full development, our team decided to work on a POC with PvP of 200-250 players over the network in real time.
We are confused or need help with the following points -

- Regarding Load Balancing, should we use Photon load balancing or should we develop custom architecture for matchmaking (room creation, joining and communication etc) ?
- We currently are using Load Balancing and we are facing the following issues with it -
1. Self hosted server is not able to create the room, it is being done by one of the clients.
2. Client is not able to communicate with the server alone via Photon events. When we try it, it sends the event to the server and other clients or peers as well.

Any help will be appreciated.


  • hi, @RAVAS

    LoadBalancing architecture is mostly for relatively small groups. so, you may get issues if you need work with 200-250 players.

    1. Online version can not create games too. Games are created only by request from client. that is by design
    2. RaiseEvent operation supports sending events to list of actors, to some group, to all actors or to others.
    if you have a plugin than you could swallow some messages. but yes by default that is not possible to send RaiseEvent without any stuff sent to clients. That is the logic behind RaiseEvent

    As conslusion:
    1. It is difficult to say whether LoadBalancing will suite to your needs or not. But definitely I can say that it was developed with different idea in mind. You have POC first.
    2. You may write a plugin that may cover some of your needs:
    -- area of interest to reduce traffic
    -- checks of everything on the server side
    -- game logic it self

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