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I noticed that Photon Server SDK v2.0.4 was released. I don't see a change log for this. Can someone redirect me to it? If there isn't one, can someone tell me what has changed so I can make the appropriate modifications to my source code?


  • Sorry, never mind. I found it in a TXT file in the ZIP file. It would be nice to have this online somewhere though and be able to subscribe to it via RSS:
    *** Version 2.0.4
    - CHANGED: Photon.SocketServer.Rpc.Reflection.Operation - Operation paramters are initialized during construction. No additional call on PopulateParameters is required anymore.
    - ADDED: Operation property IsValid, to determine if an operation has been initialized and is valid. There is also a new Method 'GetErrorMessage' to get a detailed descriptions of all errors during initialisation.
    - CHANGED: Configuration file (PhotonSocketServer.xml). Multiple settings are removed and used with default values, streamlining the config.
    - CHANGED: configuration for TCPListener is now optional (the node can be left out in PhotonSocketServer.xml)
    - ADDED: Configuration documentation: Photon-Configuration.pdf
    - FIXED: Photon shutdown for missing / expired licenses (did not finish)
    - CHANGED: PhotonControl now opens the menu also on left-click
    - CHANGED: PhotonControl icon is blinking while waiting for service to start (in this time the menu is not available)
    - FIXED: PhotonControl bug which prevented the logs from opening on older systems is also fixed
    - UPDATED: Photon doc