Transform View Not working

I have a bit of a complicated setup for my character but I think what I'm doing should work.

I have:
A player game object which is empty.
with a child rigid body sphere (works like a rolling ball). - rigidbody view works fine and I can see the player moving.

You choose a character which instantiates at the start of a match as another child of the empty player. - this is where I have added a couple of transform views for the rotation of wheels and the main body of the car.

None of the transform views work, they all have photon views on them aswel.

Sorry for the long question but I have been at this a few days now... 🤣

Player (photon view)
-rigidbody sphere (rigidbody view)


    • Truck (photon & transform view)
    • R wheel (photon & transform view)
    • L Wheel (photon & transform view)
    • R wheel back
    • L wheel back

Best Answer


  • Me too with oculus vr
  • Hi Tobias,
    Thanks for the response, I ended up removing the rigidbody view and that seemed to help for some reason, I'm still not getting the wheel transforms but I'm getting the rotation of the body.

    Its quite a cartoony game so the rotations are over exadurated for example the body tilting into a turn.

    I'm happy with how it looks now to be fair but without the rigidbody the collisions are pants.