NetworkInstantiate prefab with multiple Views

Apologies if this is a dupe, I couldn't find anything similar:

I'm trying to instantiate a player prefab to which I recently added two additional children with PhotonViews, and its causing an exception (index out of range) in PhotonNetwork:NetworkInstantiate.

Problem is that if `localInstantiate` remains false, then `parameters.viewIDs` is not reassigned with the correct length from the photonViews array.

Does anyone know if I might have misconfigured something, or if this might be a bug?


  • Nested photon views are not officially supported, because things like what you are trying to do there will break them. Nesting handling has been added recently - but it is not completely supported. To pull off instantiating like that, you will need to instantiate them individually, and then nest them manually currently.

    I will look into making what you are trying to do possible in future releases.

    Is there a reason you have nested PVs though? Usually when people do that, it is a bad practice which can be avoided.

    One use case would be if an object fractures into parts later. If the object does not break apart into separate entities, a single root view usually is preferable.

  • This is in my user avatar construct. I'm doing a mixed-reality app, so my avatar consists of a head transform and two hand transforms, each of which are being synced.

    I actually overcame the problem I was having and now I can't remember how - the only thing I can think of at the moment is that I may not have set the two PhotonViews in the children as Fixed ownership at first.
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