Keeping Lobby Scene when loading Room Scene

In my game I want to have a Spaceship Scene as the Lobby where players can join and look at each others customized character. When everyone is ready and a Room was found it should load the Room and keep the Lobby Spaceship Scene loaded. So the Spaceship can land and the players can walk out into the world.

The easy way would be to copy the Spaceship into the Room Scene for a seamless transition but I always used a multi Scene workflow to keep UI and such separated.

Is there a way to additively load Scenes?


  • No, sorry, at the moment PUN does not support syncing multiple scenes.
    That said: It's possible to do, of course. It should not be too tricky either, as you keep one scene open and just add another.

    Read this doc for some insight how to pause updates while you load:

    This is about RPCs but all other updates should also be paused, unless you are sure there is no instantiation triggered by the loaded scene (until everyone finished loading).
  • No need to be sorry! With such an easy product it is hard to incorporate every solution, i completely understand.
    Thank you for the valuable information, i will be able to find a workaround with that.
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