How and what do I import to get started on a basic iOS app using Photon Realtime

Hi, I'm trying to get started with Photon realtime in native iOS, however I don't know how to import the objc files. I downloaded the sdk for iOS, and am working off of demo_iPhone_loadBalancing_swift. My issue is I don't know what files to include for this or how bridging headers work.

In the demo it looks like it just included the LoadBalancing-objc.xcodeproj. added that as a dependency in the Build Phase and made the bridger header, but when I try to do this from a new project I get a bunch of errors from the NetworkLogic saying that types are not recognized. All of these types are defined in the objc files. The demo bridge header also imports from "LoadBalancing-objc/inc/EGLoadBalancingClient.h", which I don't know how that is a valid path.


  • Hi @ImMilesAhead.

    In Xcode please navigate to the demos target settings and copy over the values of the following settings to your own project (if any of those settings already have entries in your own project, then don't override them, but append the settings from the demo as additional entries for those settings):
    - Other Linker Flags
    - Header Search Paths
    - Library Search Paths
    - Preprocessor Macros