PhotonVoice crashes (Check failed: 0 < AvaliableSpace())

Hey everyone,

I'm currently developing a software using Photon Voice in Unity.
So far I'm really happy with everything, but there's one bug that makes the editor, but also the build crash sometimes (without any errors, it just closes).

I tried to find the source of the error and found the following in the Unity editor-log:
# Fatal error in ..\webrtc\modules\audio_processing\aec\, line 205
# last system error: 0
# Check failed: 0 < AvaliableSpace() (0 vs. 0)

Does anyone here have an idea on what I can try to fix this?
If it helps: I'm using the reliable mode with a sampling rate of 48k and a bitrate of 130k for the voice transmission.
I also have a webrtc Audio DSP component enabled with AEC and AGC activated.

Thanks a lot in advance :smile:


  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited May 2020
    Hi @CrazIbiza,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    If you increase Recorder and WebRtcAudioDsp components' log levels, do you see anything useful in the logs?

    What Photon Voice version is this?
    What Unity version?
    What it the target build platform?
    For the build/player settings, what is the scripting backend and .NET version?
    And the Editor, is it on Windows or macOS or GNU/Linux?
    bitrate of 130k for the voice transmission
    30k or 130k?
  • Hi ,

    I also got the crash issue when I am testing AEC/Noise suppression in DemoVoice scene.
    I can not find the error log as CrazIbiza mentioned in Unity log, my unity log looks normal and it just terminated ( I have set log level to all). But the exception code in crash dump is 0xC0000409.

    Frame duration: 20ms
    Sampling rate: 16000
    Bitrate: 30000
    Input: Microphone/Unity

    Photon voice: V2.16.1
    Unity 2018.2.20f1 (64-bit) Pro license
    Windows 10 64 bit
    .Net 4.x
    script backend: Mono
    CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 CPU 3.6G 3.6G
    RAM: 16G

  • Hi Photon,

    Any update?
    What test can I do for you to clarify this issue?

  • Hi @iruan0820,

    Thank you for your excellent report!

    Crash looks more like internal third party WebRTC library error.
    We will see if there is a newer version and rebuilding with the latest code base will help.
  • Hi Photon,

    We need the AEC feature because our voice chat app got much echo when running on a notebook.
    So do you have a plan or schedule to fix this issue?
    Or do you have a workaround before you fixing this issue?

    Thank you very much.
  • Hi Photon,

    Do you have any updates?

  • Hi @iruan0820,

    No nothing yet sorry.
    We are focused on other serious voice issues.
    I don't have an ETA of when we could update the WebRTC lib and see if it fixes things.

    I believe this issue is not frequent and if it happens on your dev machine it is highly unlikely it will happen on other machines.
  • Hi @iruan0820, @CrazIbiza,

    FYI, Update: we have updated the WebRTC Audio Processing Module dependency library internally to the latest.
    You can expect a Photon Voice update this week or maybe if the update is not ready I can send you the new files needed.

    We're not sure if the update will fix this but it's worth trying.
  • Photon Voice 2.19 was submitted to the Unity Asset Store today.
    It should be available/released soon.
    Please download it and try to reproduce again.
  • Hi @JohnTube
    I'm having the same issue: random editor crashes with the only error in logs being:
    # Fatal error in ..\webrtc\modules\audio_processing\aec\, line 205
    # last system error: 0
    # Check failed: 0 < AvaliableSpace() (0 vs. 0)

    I've already update to the latest version of photon voice (v2.20).
    Any updates on how to fix this ?
  • Hi @Jonathan,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!


    We have submitted Photon Voice 2.21 to the Unity Asset Store it should contain new up to date WebRTC APM libraries.
    There is no module or AvaliableSpace() method in the current WebRTC code base.
    So we expect the issue to be gone.
    Please test and report back.
    Thank you all for your patience and collaboration!
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