When v5 and v6 will be released?


Two months ago, I saw your update on the new v5 coming soon, and we haven't received any news since. I think v6 will be delayed as well.




  • Yo? Is Photon dead?
  • wait, wait a little. almost there with photon 5

  • Hi @Ben1911,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    v5 BETA is out.

    Thank you for your patience and trust.
  • Yo @chvetsov @JohnTube

    Is there an ETA for v6? Perhaps it won't be released in the near future (in your article you mentioned the mid of 2020)

    Thank you,
  • MarkusMarkus admin
    Hi, do you have a specific timeline for your project? What feature are you waiting for exactly, as you ask about v5 and v6?
  • Ben1911Ben1911
    edited May 22
    Hey @Markus

    Sure. This is my hobby project, I worked on this for the last 3 years in my free time. I need this project for my portfolio (for resumes and talking about it in interviews). I have to finish the first version for this project in late July.

    Back in February, I planned that all microservices will work with Docker and Linux. All the rest of my microservices (except Photon Server) are .NET Core / Rust. And I saw your article in February that you will deliver .NET Core in the middle of this year.

    And I need Photon Server .NET Core for this. :smile:


    So, 05/22/2020: Only the .NET Framework is available and a new .NET 5 will be released soon. :neutral:

    All the best,
  • hi, @Ben1911

    I think we will need more time to polish everything. I would not wait

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