Photon Voice using counting as a CCU?

I've been using PUN 2 for a bit and just recently added photon voice.
When I did however, my CCU numbers doubled. It seems that every voice connection is counting as a CCU.
Is this expected behavior? Or did I do something wrong in the implementation?


  • Hi @StudioShinto,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Photon Voice integration with PUN will have two clients: PUN client and Voice client, so two connections.
    If you use the same AppId in both (because Realtime, PUN and Voice are compatible application types) clients in the settings then you will have double CCU yes.
    If you use two AppIds then each CCU will be counted per application.
    Also, the Voice client is not connected all the time but only when PUN is joined to a room.