Native Swift Alternative?


I've been using Photon Voice for a while now and it has been Awesome!.

I was wondering if there is something like this out there that works similar to Photon but for native iOS, maybe using cocoapods. I've been searching but I couldn't find anything simple like this, for the solutions I found I need to contact the company before starting to implement my voice app.



  • Hi @confleive.

    We do not currently have any plans to offer a Swift or an objective C client for Photon Voice.

    However we are actively working on C++ Client for Photon Voice, which will become available for all platforms, for which we offer Photon Realtime C++ Clients (which includes iOS and Android as well as all major desktop and game console platforms).
    I hope that we can make it available next month or first quarter next year (we don't have a release date yet).

    C++ code can't be called directly from within Swift source files, but Swift code can call objective C APIs, which in turn internally can be implemented as objective C++, which means that they can call C++ code.
    Hence through an objective C wrapper layer you could use the Photon Voice C++ Client from Swift code (this is how our Swift demos for Photon Realtime and Photon Chat are able to work, although we don't offer Swift Client APIs : they simply call our objective C Client APIs, which in turn internally call our C++ Client APIs).
  • Thanks @Kaiserludi !

    In that case, is there a way to be able to keep using Photon Voice while the app is in the background?.

    Thank you very much again for your help and I wish you and your team the best in your next releases, this tool as been really helpful for me and my apps.
  • Hi @confleive.

    In that case, is there a way to be able to keep using Photon Voice while the app is in the background?

    No, this is not possible, because Apple does not give any execution time to iOS apps that run in the background, with very little exceptions and Voice Chat communication is non of these exceptions.
  • Thank you very very much Kaiserludi!. ;)