Migrate Server from DigitalOcean to photon engine server.

I and some of my friends has set up a digitalOcean managed server which is powered by Cloudways for the gaming purpose specifically for our college mates. As we started it from the grass root level that's why their were low number of traffic at the start but now, the traffic has started to increase dramatically and we are looking for the gaming first server. So, if there is anyone who can help me with the migration of the server or should we think of upgrading our package to cater all the requests.


  • hi @MariaWilliams,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    So you are hosting Photon Server yourself or using another technology or you build one yourself from scratch?
    I did not quite get what you are looking for.
    You are looking for advice on whether to:

    A- stay on your current server / hosting company but increase plan / server(s)
    B- switch to Photon Cloud (from self-hosting Photon Server)
    C- migrate to Photon Server (from different networking middleware) and keep self-hosting
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