Can I call and receive RPC function when application goes to background?

Hello @JohnTube How are you

On Android/iOS, when the app goes to background, RPC function is not calling. And can't receive.
Maybe Update() function is not calling in Unity when goes to background.
Please tell me the proper way to allow the application to call the RPC function even if the app is in the background.
Also, I want the timer working in the background.
Well... this problem is mainly based on Unity, but I just want to get a great answer from you :smile:
I will be waiting for your kind answer.

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  • Hi @sweetmei25,

    When the application is in the background you can't do anything.
    If you really have to do some task in the background, on Android, you will have to implement this yourself somehow using background thread or native plugin.
    On iOS I don't think how to do such thing or if it's even possible.
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    okay thanks
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