Using Photon Server on VR-Shooting-Range Demo failed

Hello guys,
I'm trying to setup the Photon Server so I'm able to test it with the VR Shooting Range Demo. I'm using a local IP (both in LAN) - my 2nd PC can ping the IP.

Now my problem starts to appear when pressing Start (or connecting to the server):
If i start the Game(built or in Editor) on my first pc, everything works fine, it detects the server, creating room and joining (i'm able to play the game).
When im starting the built.exe on my second pc, it says "joining room" which I feel is no bad sign, since it looks like it detects the server and can establish a connection to it. My problem is now that it wont finally connect to the game - it freezes in "Joining Room" and I have no Idea what the issue is. Is it even possible to use the server for the VR Demo?

In the console (while playing in Editor) following output keeps getting generated (I'm not sure if this is related to my problem tho)

LastRoundtripTime is suspicious: 16 for command: CMD(1 ack for c#:255 s#/time 265/390052)
Photon.Realtime.LoadBalancingClient:DebugReturn(DebugLevel, String) (at Assets/ExternalPackages/Photon/PhotonRealtime/Code/LoadBalancingClient.cs:1834)
ExitGames.Client.Photon.<>c__DisplayClass99_0:b__0() (at C:/Dev/photon-sdk-dotnet/PhotonDotnet/PeerBase.cs:885)
ExitGames.Client.Photon.EnetPeer:DispatchIncomingCommands() (at C:/Dev/photon-sdk-dotnet/PhotonDotnet/EnetPeer.cs:429)
ExitGames.Client.Photon.PhotonPeer:DispatchIncomingCommands() (at C:/Dev/photon-sdk-dotnet/PhotonDotnet/PhotonPeer.cs:1428)
Photon.Pun.PhotonHandler:FixedUpdate() (at Assets/ExternalPackages/Photon/PhotonUnityNetworking/Code/PhotonHandler.cs:130)

Does anyone have an advice or a small push in the right direction for me too look at?
I really appreciate your help and thanks in advance,


  • I also attached the log.
  • hi, @fanatix
    I assume that you need to update your game server config so, that it will return not localhost as its address but some ip which is accessible for both of your machines. You should fix this in (sdk_folder)\deploy\Loadbalancing\GameServer\bin\Photon.LoadBalancing.dll.config. Setting name PublicIPAddress in Photon.LoadBalancing.GameServer.GameServerSettings section

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