AI Control

Currently our game has Bots that are evenly distributed among players in the room. If one player drops, AI that he controls immediately destroys itself. There are two things I want to ask:

1. Can AI not get destroyed but immediately transfer ownership if one client disconnects?
2. Can there be something like a Masterclient that hosts all the AI and not interfere with players?

Thank you


  • Hi, @Warbears

    1. in general, i think, there is two ways to achive what you want. a) you simulate bots everywhere and if client got disconnected, your master client AI may take decision who is new owner. b) you leave it as it is now, but again your master client ai should take decision about who is new owner to continue simulation.
    2. of course it can, but only you may implement this. to be honest not realy sure what you have in mind. what does it mean 'not interfere with players'? if master client will simulate all bots, then it will increase loading on master client device and on network connection from device to server.
    3. i think best option would be usage of plugins. Unfortuantely plugins do not allow you to add new server side actors. but i think you do not need this. you may use RaiseEvent as trasport event, which may inside contain everything you need to simulate bots joining and other stuff.

  • Hello @Warbears @chvetsov

    Which plugin or Unity asset did you use to build bots for your game?

    I have a game where I would like to add bots to make the game more fun.

    Thank you!

    Team OCM
  • Hi, @oneconnectionmedia

    Exitgames does not provide any plugin with such functionality.

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