Use wifi router without internet for multiplayer.

Hi, I'm very interested in using Photon server on a windows 10 laptop, and have android devices connected through the same wifi router, we won't have access to internet, so I'm wondering if we can have multiplayer between the android devices connected to this server through wifi, I read that I have to have a unique IP, but i would like your suggestion on how to setup this please.

We want to use photon voice as well using this setup but not sure if it would work.

Also if there is another solution, for example if Photon Bolt would work too please let me know as we have also considered the posibility of using the laptop as a client host too.

I would appreciate any help.


  • Hi, @chris27

    if you do not have the internet connection, then your photon will not start. It needs to check the license.
    if you have the connection, then all that you should do is update deploy/LoadBalancing/GameServer/bin/LoadBalancing.dll.config and set PublicIPAddress to LAN IP address of the machine. then you may use this address to connect from android devices

  • Hi @chvetsov thank you for replying back :)

    I see, I checked it was working without internet but it had no license, so the limit were 20 ccu, in other hand if I put a license then it won't start unless there is internet right?
  • yeah
  • Hi @chris27,

    I wanted to add a bit of info to my colleague @chvetsov's answers:

    Yes, Bolt is a good option for such topology/architecture.
    You could ask for an offline license on [email protected] but I think we don't allow it in all cases so you need to explain why you need this.
  • @chvetsov @JohnTube thank you so much for your suggestions :) I took a look at photon bolt but I need voice chat as well and saw that photon voice is not compatible.

    Checked another plugin which lets you have voice chat using any custom network but I was concerned about Photon Bolt plan's limitations.

    So I decided to stick with Photon on Premise.

    I will discuss with my client about having a little 4G mobile internet card just for the license or ask for an offline license.
  • Hey,

    It seems we bumped into this same problem. When our On Premise server does not have internet connection, we can't seem to make it work in LAN. If it does, it works.

    So let me clarify: using On Premise Server + PUN on LAN requires internet connection? Even if you're using it without a license, for the max 20 CCU setup?

    If so, how do I ask/purchase this offline license? Our use case requires LAN with no internet access.
  • Hi @gilead please get back at [email protected] with your use case, thanks.
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