Is it possible to connect to a certain Game Server?


So I am working on a project where we will have one Master Server and multiple Game Servers. Is there a way for a client to connect to a certain Game Server? In our project we will have multiple areas where each area will be a Game Server and wanted to see if its possible to connect to a Game Server depending on the area a client is in. If so, what would be the best possible way to do this?

With some tweaking to the code, I was thinking that each area would be a Lobby and that Lobby would detect which server it should go to. Any thoughts?

Thanks again!


  • Hi, @Jojo

    If you use LoadBalancing, then you may distribute players basing on area name. so, somehow you should create areas/locations. They will be registered on master with their names, and players should choose one of them based on properties (Default lobby) or sql parametes (sql lobby)

    does this make any sense for you?

  • @chvetsov Hmmm okay I see what you are saying. Okay thanks! Ill see what I can do with that and come back if I have questions :smiley:
  • you are welcome

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