I want to create dedicated server?

I want to create dedicated server to prevent cheating and I know it can be achieved by photon server but I can't understand from documentation it's working . First what is lite,MMO and loadbalancing?

Second where to code for server and please guide to a tutorial?


  • Hi, @Karan101

    Lite is the first version of our authoritative server.

    LoadBalancing is built on top of Lite and extended it significantly

    MMO is a completely different project to demonstrate an ability to build MMO. Lite and MMO are not supported anymore. Although you may use lite to understand LoadBalancing GameServer code better

    LoadBalancing has a lot of code. and it will take time to understand it. in order to make developers live easier, we propose to use plugins

    All documentation about our server sdk products are here: https://doc.photonengine.com/en-us/server/current/getting-started/photon-server-intro

    Please read carefully, a few times

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