Voice in VR sounds funny

I have the demo scene working but when i try to deploy to a vr device the mic audio sounds funny. when i uncheck "Virtual Reality Supported" In player settings the audio then sounds fine in a networked session. Any ideas how to fix that?


  • Hi @FVTC_Josh,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    We are not aware of this issue.
    What Photon Voice and Unity versions are you using?
    Which VR platform/device did you test this on?
  • I'm working with Microsoft Mixed Reality VR headsets.
    Odyssey headset
    Unity Version 2018.0b4
    Audio plays through headset - Sounds distorted

    Acer Headset
    Unity Version 2018.0b4
    Audio plays through pc Speakers - Sounds distorted

    I'm using the DemoVoicePun-Scene.unity scene from the photon tutorials. When not in vr the scene works fine.
  • Photon v 2.1.3
  • Hi @FVTC_Josh,

    Could you update to 2.2 and try to reproduce with our demo scenes?
  • I was able to solve the issue. How I'm not sure.

    I put the photonview, photontransform, and photonvoiceview on a new player object and instantiated that instead of the zombbunny. And magically the voice sounded normal. I went back to the bunny and magically it worked.

    Thanks for your assistance.