RPC and packet flooding protection?

Does Photon have protection against too many RPC commands and other packet flooding protection?
Somebody figured out how to run functions from my .NET assembly so they can send RPC's whenever they want to. Of course I can prevent this in other ways but prevention against flooding seems like a sane thing to do too.
Is there built-in support in Photon for this?


  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited October 2018
    Hi @Moloko,

    No, we do not have such a thing.
    We recommend obfuscation (prevention), anti-cheat (also detect hackers) and custom authentication to block malicious users.
    @chvetsov can confirm that a peer may be disconnected by server if it sends too much or too often.
  • hi, @Moloko

    Although it looks like a sane thing to do in fact it is not so easy for common service like we have where every title has its own requirements and limits. And in general, someone may break your game before it will be disconnected because of exceeding some of our limits

  • Yes I imagine it would be hard to do on the backend.
    I coded my own flood detection. It's a relatively simple thing to do, I was just wondering if photon does anything on the inside.
  • I would say that NO

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