Updating Bolt with Steam Integration

Hello all,

Coming off a discussion from a previous thread but decided to create a new discussion for this issue to make it easier for others to find.

I've upgraded my project from Unity 5.6 to 2017.4.14 and everything is working well, but I am running into issues with updating Bolt from to which looks to be revolving around the Steam integration.

The main thing I see that is probably the source of my problems is that there is no bolt_steam.unitypackage in the packages folder like the docs say there should be. This means I am missing files, and the ones I have are out-of-date and no longer work if I attempt to copy them from the old project.

Thanks in advance for any help!


  • The Bolt Steam integration isn't currently part of Bolt Free.
  • Oh. Well, not sure if you'll remember, but 2 of my friends were working on this MiniGolf project with me, implementing the online multiplayer. They were pretty active on the Bolt Slack channel iirc, so I guess that's where they got the Steam stuff from. They've since stopped working on it so I've inherited all the stuff they did.

    Is the Steam integration a part of any other packages?
  • Not currently. I would either switch over to Photon Cloud integration or stick on the Bolt version you're on.
  • Ok, I think I will just stick with my current Bolt version. Thanks again!
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