When is Photon Chat ideal to implement in a PUN environment?

When is it a good idea to implement Photon Chat?
In my game, I want people to be able to talk to one another just inside the rooms at first. Wouldn't just sending RPC calls with photon do the trick? Is Photon Chat only if you want filtering and private messages?

I might want both later, but I want filtering to work a very specific way
(Bad words should be changed into different words, so "fuck you" may become "love you" etc.) also I want a user to choose filtering themselves when they progress into the game.

I know Photon Chat has filtering-options, but are they as customizable or just automated? What can Photon Chat do for me (aside private messages?) that I can't do with PUN?

Thank you for reading:)


  • Hi @Avalin.

    For in-room messages (no matter if private to just one user, to the full room or as a team chat) just PUN is all that you need.

    Photon Chat comes into play when you want to enable communication between users that are not inside the same room (or not even inside any room at all for that matter).