How to get total count of rooms, players and public IP on server?

Im wondering - is that possible to get total count of rooms, players and public IP of photon server?

We need that for our internal analytics system, so I would like to send that data every 20-30 mins via job to our analytics center.
I guess it should be somewhere on Application level, am I right?

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  • chvetsov said:

    Hi, @pavelbaslak

    I assume you are using our SDK 4.0.29. In this case, you may get stats using class ApplicationStats from ApplicationStats.cs.


    @chvetsov , is there a way to get public IP value as well?
  • @pavelbaslak could provide more details? it is not clear what do you mean

  • I mean is there any easy way to get current IP of server from photon?

    As well as, can you please suggest the better place in code, where we can start Job or timer, that would send every 20-30 mins our statistics?
    Right now I have added it in MasterApplication.Init method, but it seems like not proper place..
    Thanks :)
  • Hi @pavelbaslak,

    I just want to let you know that if you use the Loadbalancing application you can get some of those stats easily using built-in App and Lobby Stats.
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