Voice playback way too fast

Hi, I'm encountering a challenge using voice on a self-hosted photon server. When the clients are in the US, voice sounds fine, but when the client is in Europe, the voice playback is distorted. It sounds like the voice is sped up X10 or something like that - it's really high and fast. Has anyone else run across behavior like this?



  • Hi,

    Do you see any errors or warnings in log? Please provide full logs from both sender and receiver.
    Also original and distorted sound samples would help to understand what's wrong.
    Please check if play delay ms (jitter buffer size) setting affects audio quality. If rtt is high, larger jitter buffer may be required. What is average rtt for us and europe?
  • Hey @ vadim,

    Thanks for the response. I ran a test and collected some of the data you asked for here
    I set the play delay to 1000 ms, but still noticed the same behavior.

    It looks like the average time for an RPC to run Seattle after being called from Amsterdam was about 200 ms (I'm not sure if this is the right unit - logging PhotonMessageInfo.timestamp resulted in a number with a decimal - "815968.265" and logging Photonnetwork.ServerTimestamp resulted in one without - "815968507"

    I wasn't able to record samples, I'll try to add that later, but my colleague would speak a couple words and I would hear them as if it was on a tape recorder that had been sped way up.

    Thanks for your help!
  • Hi Billy,

    Amsterdam log does not look good. It almost completely consist of lines like
    "PUNVoice: Audio Frame event for not existing speaker for voice #1 of player 2."
    In Seattle log, I see 2 outgoing microphone audio streams created one after another. Do you intentionally stream 2 different microphones? If not, make sure that only 1 PUN object with PhotonVoiceRecorder instantiated in the scene.
    Did you try test-voice demo from PhotonVoice package? Does it suffer from the same distortion when streaming from Europe? If yes, please provide logs from both test-voice clients.
    I forgot to ask you to set Pun Logging to Full in PhotonServerSettings and check DebugInfo in PhotonVoiceSettings. Do so please for all logs you are going to share with us.
  • Hey @ vadim,

    I tried test-voice, which works perfectly, so obviously something is screwed up on my end. I'll try and figure out what I did wrong and post here for posterity.