Puncher.h file not found

I am working with photon for cocos2d-x project. I download the ios Photon SDK for c++ support. I can't run the demo_particle project because of Puncher.h file not found error.

Puncher.h file is not exist in entire project. How can I found it.



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    If needed I can give more brief about it.
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    Hi @nirob_kuet.

    I am afraid that this is a bug that slipped through with the release. We will fix this is in, of course.

    For now please drop the following folder into pathToTheRootFolderOfYour4-1-11-0-SDK/Photon-cpp/inc to fix the issue:
    *link removed, see below*
  • Update:, which does not have this issue, has been released. Hence I am taking down the linked workaround for
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