Room gets removed from roomlist after 5- 10 seconds when internet connection is not reachable


In my app if a user create a room, and his internet connection goes off after creating room. Other user can get that room for 10 seconds in roomlist.
Is it possible to remove the room from roomlist immediately.


  • Hi @Yogesh_Dev.

    No, that is not possible. Those 5-10 seconds are the server-side timeout. Only when the server does not see any life sign from the client for that amount of time it considers the client to be disconnected. Waiting a few seconds before considering the other side disconnected is necessary as otherwise one would get way too many false positives and consider clients to be disconnected that are actually still connected.
    With a self-hosted server or an Enterprise Cloud you can adjust the min and max timeout values in the server-config, but the time span of 5-10 seconds has been proven to work best as compromise between to many false positives and too much time until actual disconnects are detected and hence these are the values that are used on the Photon Public Cloud and that are the default values in the configs of self-hosted Photon servers and Photon Enterprise Clouds.
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