Realtime: Disconnect status changes without reason

I've started to use C# realtime API with Unity. While debugging my wrap-up for LoadBalancingClient I often receive Disconnect in OnStatusChanged with DisconnectCause = None.

Is it ok or I should tune something up? When I connect first Disconnect always received after Authenticate operation response. So, no matter what, when I connect, I always have log like this:
Client[ALL]: (ldbs: 438 ldbd: 438) Connect()
Client[ALL]: (ldbs: 0 ldbd: 0) CSharpSocket: UDP, Unity3d.
Client[ALL]: (ldbs: 0 ldbd: 0) IPhotonSocket.Connect() this.Protocol: Udp
Client[ALL]: (ldbs: 38 ldbd: 38) queueIncomingCommand() CMD(6 c#:0 r/u: 1/0 st/r#/rt:0/0/0) channel seq# r/u: 0/0
Client[ALL]: (ldbs: 38 ldbd: 38) Connected to nameserver.
OnStatusChanged[isConnected: True]: Connect
Client[ALL]: (ldbs: 52 ldbd: 39) queueIncomingCommand() CMD(6 c#:0 r/u: 2/0 st/r#/rt:0/0/0) channel seq# r/u: 1/0
Client[INFO]: (ldbs: 52 ldbd: 39) OpAuthenticate()
OnStatusChanged[isConnected: True]: EncryptionEstablished
Client[ALL]: (ldbs: 64 ldbd: 39) queueIncomingCommand() CMD(6 c#:0 r/u: 3/0 st/r#/rt:0/0/0) channel seq# r/u: 2/0
Client[INFO]: (ldbs: 64 ldbd: 39) Received your UserID from server. Updating local value to: 2cccbacc-c0f6-4953-bd7d-74038ec54ed9
OnClientOperationResponse: 230 params: {"196":"default","230":"","221":"8iPffTOXxo3mmdezEIitGQPgGBEmZ36sme8UB3KaDXxW+5PUh1MWQVa2lNcW9Riu408ih3ni62Ur4BNHnUtdNbVXnGszpqoBK8Nz1oIwl2so/ySMa2lRBJy8Bj1ixqlhJAc5FUhkdHW1BMqMD5mKWWUjN9nb+Wb73tkugXbYXOG6AGt0xrmJOa1k9xdO4bHSMeTnU3V0wbHPHxQWgUVmUInHqCTBMfyzJ4AK1PtwEMgwbJhMLZP+2imh8q86j3LC","225":"2cccbacc-c0f6-4953-bd7d-74038ec54ed9"}
Client[INFO]: (ldbs: 64 ldbd: 173) CSharpSocket.Disconnect() - HERE!
Client[ALL]: (ldbs: 64 ldbd: 173) Connect() - HERE WE GO AGAIN!


  • JohnTube
    JohnTube ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @selfsx,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Client switches between 3 servers: Name Server, Master Server and Game Server.
    So this explains why client disconnects from a server and reconnects to another one.
    Client needs to authenticate to each server as well.

    Read more about NET Platform SDK.