Collision points for OnSyncedCollisionStay or Bounds.ClosestPoint equivalent missing in TrueSync

Hi. I've recently started experimenting with TrueSync, but I came across a problem with collisions with the new engine.

As mentioned in the introduction to TrueSync, it is supposedly modeled after the normal Unity Physics engine, but a key part of collisions seem to be missing. Whenever a OnSyncedCollisionStay event is triggered, no information about the collision itself is passed onto the handler, only the GameObject itself. This is critical information in some games, since exact information about the collision is necessary.

This could also be worked around with something similar to Unity's colliders' Bounds.ClosestPoint used on the "other" GameObject passed as an argument to OnSyncedCollisionStay, but that solution is also not perfect. Looking at the stacktrace, at some point Contact information is discarded and the system only decides that the GameObject is necessary, which is completely disagree with.

How can this problem be worked around with TSColliders, if I need to have the exact collision information? (Doing a bunch of raycasts around probably isn't one)


  • Hello @vedler, you are right, the information missing is very important, it was a design for the early versions of TS. We are already working to give more details about a contact, probably the next release (1.0.5) will include a few more data.