Issue on broadcasting message by Photon Chat between Android and iOS platform


I've got an issue on broadcasting message between Android and iOS by using Photon Chat.

In the case , I am using the same API key for my Photon Chat with Photon-iOS-Sdk_v4-1-0-4 and Photon-AndroidNDK_SDK4-0-4-1

I've got Android devices can only receive/send msg from/to Android , and iOS can only receive/send msg from/to iOS
, even though they are in the same chatroom Id.

Please advice or give hints on how to fix the problems.

Thanks a lot.


  • probably you are using different versions for android and for iOS. we use appid and app version to separate clients from each other. this is true not only for chat but also fro realtime.
    so you should use same appid and app version in order to get all in one space