Turnbased SDK + Amazon

We have a MP game which has both a turn based mode and a real time mode .

For the turnbased mode we need to rooms which last long (probably days) . Looking at the memory game demo it looks like we will have to host a web service and have some kind of DB service to store and retrieve the room names and states. Any body hosting their web service on Amazon ? We are looking at Lambda and BeanStalk and are evaluating which one would better serves this use case of storing and retrieving game info.

Also we are wondering if we even need to use the photon lobby for turnbased. We could just use the amazon web service to store and load the game info. Query the webservice directly to find games and by pass the lobby all together since almost all of our rooms would not show up in the photon lobby since they are old and would anyways need a webRPC call.


  • I can point a colleague to this question about Amazon, Lambda and BeanStalk. I'm not sure if we have a lot of expertise using all of them, so beware that we maybe don't have the answer.

    You can bypass the lobby, yes. But it's not expensive to do a JoinRandomRoom when you are connected to the Master Server already. If that fails, ask your webserver for a saved room to join.