download a list of chat channels?

edited October 2015 in Photon Chat
Where is the lobby / load balancing for the chat api?

1) You can't determine how many chatters are in a channel?
2) You can't get a list of channels, to find which one is least populated?

Only option is to blindly join "channel1" and hope there isn't 10k users in it?
and if it is spammy... then leave, and join channel2 and hope it is a little better?

This seems highly ineffective.

I'm hoping the answer isn't "don't use the cloud, host it yourself so you can modify the server source". The only reason why I'm considering Photon is because of its scaling cloud hosting and simplicity of use, not because its other features are necessarily better than the competition (no offense).


  • well, our chat is still young and not everything is there. we were constrated on stability.
    so, now we do not have lobby for chat and you may not know how many chatters in channel.... and there is not version yet which may host yourself